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Welcome to : The Guide's Internet Callsign List
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The Guide's Internet Callsign list:

The purpose of this site is to create a military callsign list for everybody and letís make this list as complete and correct as possible. I for sure canít do this all by myself so please help me by sending updates and/or corrections by using this form or send an E-mail (E-mail: ) to me. Don't expect nice graphics or other miscellaneous tricks cause that would only slow down the (already big lists).

With all callsigns on file I still believe that there are a lot of them incorrect or outdated. If you see those and know the correct users please inform me (use the Report Update link in front of that callsign). Just a small explanation: I know (for example) that USAF F14 callsigns are outdated, but as long as no new reports are in I will keep them in the database.

The military callsigns already on the site are collected from :

I would like to make this callsign list as complete as possible, so if you got any (digital) lists of callsigns, Internet addresses, updates, corrections or any other info please mail me so I can add those to the list. Before you continue this website please read the disclaimer.

Thanks for visiting,

Marijn 'The Guide' de Gids



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Complete a-z callsign list

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The Guide's Internet Callsign List - Updates

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Welcome to www.the-guide.nl/callsign, a website to help identify military callsigns when radio monitoring of Air Traffic Control. It is NOT: to be used for navigational/aviation purposes, complete (I wish) or fully accurate.
Personally I use Yupiteru multiband (only use the VHF / UHF / HF) scanner.

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Webmaster: If you want to link to this website you're free to use one of the options from the link page. For questions send me an E-mail ().

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